Ready For Action by

Demi Fray

 4.73 (74 votes)

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Joined in Mar 2011

430 comment(s)
13 days ago
This show counts 22 clips divided in Standing 6, Pole 6, Behind TB 4 and On TB 6.

Starting nude four clips. The shoes stay on all the time. No rubbing and/or touching in this show.

In this show like in most of her other shows a very good outfit. I liked every item.

Also the show was good like the other one’s, but was more or less the same like I have seen in the first series.

No progression in performance or new things learned (Standing and Pole).
Joined in Aug 2010

49 comment(s)
13 days ago
She's gorgeous, always puts on a good show, never disappoints, and I'm just going to buy all of her cards
Joined in Aug 2012

48 comment(s)
13 days ago
Such a wonderful performance - she up'd the bar from the last.

So sensual - I could really feel it; the confidence, the pride...

So cute and sexy at the same time - Love watching her, and it just gets better...

That outfit is so dope too.

Thanks Demi xXxXx
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