In Love With You by

Demi Fray

 4.74 (73 votes)

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Joined in Oct 2009

539 comment(s)
14 days ago
Mesmeritic non-stop flawless performance by Demi.

Her lacey white costume peels off like a second skin

Its removal is nicely progressive and her movements

are seamless and beautifully timed throughout.

Exquisite Real Full Nudity complete with erect nipples.

Demi is no slouch on the swings either..nice varied fun work.

A card to truely savor 5+^100
Joined in Oct 2007

581 comment(s)
4 days ago
Soooo sweet and spicy!!!
Joined in Feb 2008

69 comment(s)
14 days ago
SOLD....Enough said. Love ya Demi.
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