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Demi Fray

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Joined in Mar 2011

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March 23
This show counts 21 clips divided in Standing 7, Pole 6, Behind TB 2 and On TB 6.

Starting nude clip 17, 18 and 19. The shoes are never stripped. No rubbing or touching in this show.

Demi Fray is a beautiful model. I liked every item of this outfit including the normal panties, but most of all the seethrough blouse.

Though Demi is not a real dancer, this softcore show is done with enough tempo in standing and pole clips,

For Demi’s face, body and outfit 5 stars; for her show 4,5 star. All together 5 stars.
Joined in Mar 2012

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28 days ago
I Love the girl.Not realy crazy about the whole outfit, except the shorts.
Joined in Feb 2018

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4 days ago
wow demi is so damn hot. this girl needs to be back in your studio and needs to do about 10 more scenes 3 of which needs to have her in these same shorts
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