Embrace Me by

Mary Rock

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March 9, 2018
This show counts 17 clips divided in Standing 6, Pole 5, Behind Taskbar 1 and On TB 5. Starting nude clip 9, 10 and RFN 17.

RFN = wearing nothing. Touching and rubbing in the TB clips. Clip 17 (On TB) is xxx because of insertion.

Mary has a well developed butt and strong tighs. Her small breasts are beautiful - a boob job would destroy them!

The dress is stylish and suits her very well. It combines with her - at first sight - slightly older look.

In her way of moving she reminds me of Mikki. Just like in in Card e930 splits, stretching of legs, twerking, assshaking.

Also a backward bend. A show of strip+tease+touch.
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October 31, 2018
It's hard to believe that Mary can squeeze so much sexiness into such a skinny body!
Joined in May 2018

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October 22, 2018
A sexy lean girl puts on a nice little show.
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