On Your Knees ! by

Mila I

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Joined in Mar 2011

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22 days ago
This show counts 21 clips divided in Standing 7, Pole 7 , Behind TB 1 and On TB 6. No rubbing or touching.

Starting nude clip 14 and Real Full Nude 16, 17, 18. Real Full Nude = wearing nothing.

Not my favorite outfit, I’m afraid of the whip, but I like Mila I very much. Her phlegmatic appearance is perfect for this role.

This cool secretary (card e915/Open for Business) had an unknown secret life: after work she changed in a strict mistress.

In the bdsm-club the roles were reversed. Her boss at the office had now to obey the orders of Mila and

was forced to come down on his knee’s and pray Mila I for mercy, before “The Whip Comes Down” (The Rolling Stones).

Removal of shoes and latex stockings in standing, pole and taskbarc lips.

In the standing and pole clips tip-toe dancing and several turnings around the pole.
Joined in Nov 2008

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21 days ago
Love Mila, love her performances. She is so hot in this card.

This brings to mind the song "Should I Stay or Should I Go" by Clash. - It's always tease, tease, tease, your'e happy when i'm on my knees.
Joined in Dec 2009

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22 days ago
YES!!! Finally a girl in latex and/or leather on regular iStripper. I personally don't like the xxxiStripper. If I wanted to see something of a sex toy play there are 984,435,421,186 websites for porn like that. Here totem has the ONLY known virtual/desktop models strippers. Maybe that's why totem initially called their service virtuagirl (Strippers on your desktop). Anyway thanks a bunch totem!!! Please keep bringing it!
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