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Joined in Oct 2016

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April 2, 2018
I like her! Could you PLEASE fix the glitch? She won't download.
Joined in Apr 2017

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January 17
I just got this card and her Animal Instinctes card. This is much teh better, with less makeup but still oily hair. She has more engery here,s o that's a real plus.She has a whilte lingerie set that goes well on her. She's enjoyable in that or nude.

I was going to score this one 4 but as I kept watching while writing, she kept smiling and doing some good moves, so it's 4.5.
Joined in Jan 2013

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March 27, 2018
Good looking, nice body, but she is not a dancer. Movements are too jerky and fast. Eye contact with the camera is iffy. She doesn't give you time to enjoy the show.
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