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March 1
This show counts 19 clips divided in Standing 6, Pole 5, Swing 3 and On TB 5.

Starting RFN clip 13, 14, 15 and nude 16. RFN = real full nude = no clothing, no shoes.

Ulysse has beautiful long legs and I like her red cheeks. She has a lovely, friendly face.

The short nurse dress gave a good view of her legs, even more because she was not wearing (unnessary) stockings.

The colors red and white of the dress and the white of the high heels suited her very well.

In the show she plays with the stethoscope. The cap is on her head during the whole show.

Ulysse is a dancer, but a bit jerky in her moves. That’s her style. Enough tempo.

She has some difficulty with the transitions from one pose/position to another pose/position.

The beginning of clip 13 is fantastic. There you see her full potential.

She should relax a little bit more in the performance. Let’s not forget: Mademoiselle Ulysse an amateur model.
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March 2
If you enjoyed Monika Benz you are in for a treat.

The music beat used for 'Nurse on Duty' shoot was obviously quite fast.

Ulysse on Desktop SLOW Motion is superb like twice

as much Ulysse for price of one card. Fresh and gorgeous

Lots of natural energy & expression. Star ratings in iStripper

comments were faulty earlier ~ showing two + half stars when one voted five.

This could explain the low score.
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March 1
Her body type is not my favorite but this is her best performance. Very nice
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