On The Run by

Chrissy Fox

 4.68 (74 votes)

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Joined in Nov 2017

2 comment(s)
23 days ago
Second verse same as the first, this card deserves way more than five stars! Chrissy is very passionate and is very at home with what she does on screen. She really draws you into the show and keeps you watching the whole time. She smiles the whole time and knows how to show off her body. If you don’t like tattoos this card may not be for you, otherwise you would be silly not to get it!
Joined in Jul 2012

10 comment(s)
24 days ago
Great babe.,Please xxx ridind dildo showing asshole and soles.Please please.Most sexy girl
Joined in Feb 2011

65 comment(s)
24 days ago
Yes, been waiting for Chrissy's second card! I love this woman's build. She has a fun party girl vibe to her, the kind I like to watch. Thank you Totem for continuing to add women who are not the common petite fanfare here.
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