By The Fire by

Alyssia Kent

 4.63 (109 votes)

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Joined in Aug 2010

28 comment(s)
23 days ago
As another user mentioned, there are production issues that are noticable. Keeping that in mind, the show is perfect. One of the most beautiful girls i've ever seen, and she does not disappoint. A must have in the collection.
Joined in Nov 2010

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23 days ago
Nice girl - great body and a very expressive show. She obviously understands what it takes to produce a really good show.

There are major production issues with this one, which Totem will probably fix with an update. She begins clip 22528403, then stops and has a brief conversation with the director, before restarting. Maybe the QA team had too much turkey over Xmas!

There is also a problem with matting. There is a white line round her image in all clips. This is particularly pronounced round the red clothing. I'm using the 1080p version at 100% on a 2048x1152 monitor. It just needs the post-production parameters tweaking a bit.

Rated at 4.5 for Ms Kent's work, assuming that there will be an update when the team has recovered from New Year.
Joined in Feb 2016

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9 days ago
I usually don't buy more than 2-3 cards by the same girl because, well, seen one=seen them all.

But Alyssia is so perfect and her cards are so good... I think that I may buy *all* of her cards.

Keep them coming!

And, Alyssia, thanks for keeping the shoes on! And though I am not a fan of tattoos or silicone-enhanced lips... in *your* case, Alyssia, I don't mind one bit!
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