By The Fire by

Alyssia Kent

 4.66 (167 votes)

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March 7
More of leggings
Joined in Jul 2012

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April 14
Alyssia is a beautiful girl with a great body and the outfit is stunning. However, I found the performance here somewhat "flat" and lacking variation in her movements.

The card is also marred by some technical faults, not badly but noticably so. In particular the diaphanous red material and the green screen used when shooting the clips often results in a rather ugly mustard yellow fringe around the clothing. There also seem to be some lighting problems which mainly affect the face which is sometimes quite washed out.
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December 30, 2017
As another user mentioned, there are production issues that are noticable. Keeping that in mind, the show is perfect. One of the most beautiful girls i've ever seen, and she does not disappoint. A must have in the collection.
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