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Veronica Clark

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Joined in Mar 2011

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19 days ago
A beautiful model in a great outfit. But when Veronica pulls up her skirt, we see a girdle and suspenders.

In both iStrippercards of Veronica those jarretelles are part of her wardrobe. To the hell with them!

Veronica doesn’t wear them in private life. So without would have been more varied.

The result of this all is that we never see Veronica just in her panties (unfortunately).

I like Veronica, the way she moves and laughs and her gentle touching.

The show is good, but like in card Divine Beauty there are no poleclips.

Therefore and because of that girdle no 5*.

The 20 clips are divided in Standing 9, Swing 3, Behind TB 2 and On TB 6 clips.

Two very long clips: one of 5½ and one of 6 minutes. For me too long. I prefer shorter clips.
Joined in Aug 2008

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16 days ago
Dear Totem Team.

This should be the standard for skirt and dress cards.... panties first and tons of upskirts....

Please don't forget.... all the rest is useless...
Joined in Nov 2007

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19 days ago
What's not to love about this girl? She's gorgeous, super sexy, wearing all black with stockings she keeps on for most of the show and constantly either starts without panties under her skirt or takes them off first. No dedicated XXX clips but there are some parts where she starts rubbing on those pretty lips, just the right amount of tease in my opinion.
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