Up For Anything by

Lexi Layo

 4.65 (83 votes)

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Joined in Mar 2011

347 comment(s)
14 days ago
I like Lexi’s long, small face (very different from the Slav oval faces), her firm breasts, her firm ass,

her long legs and her little bit of belly. I like this outfit also.

Her show is good; you can see in her way of walking and acting that Lexi has selfconfidence.

Remarkable are the three poleclips: the first totally clothed, the second totally nude, the third starting again fully clothed.

The 17 clips are divided in Standing 7, Pole 3 and On TB 7 clips.

Starting nude: clip 9, 13 and 16 always with the high heels on. They are never stripped.
Joined in Mar 2012

517 comment(s)
13 days ago
I cant wait for More of her. Im crazy for her
Joined in Nov 2012

63 comment(s)
12 days ago
More of Lexi Layo please
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