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Joined in Apr 2008

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November 2, 2017
I too am astounded at these idiots that shit-can a girls body type and score her poorly, when it's obvious she's slender and on the skinny side, but to the likes of me, that is exactly what I look for when I come here, I avoid the chunky girls, and likewise don't critise their body type cos it's not to my taste !

I love this card, and another great effort for a first card. And Selene, I think to have the best ass here ;-) 5/5
Joined in Jun 2017

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November 19, 2017
Ms Selene . . . unyieldign love for the way you remove stockings and . . . everything else! YOU MAKE ME SMILE!
Joined in Mar 2008

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November 3, 2017
Perfect blend of smiles and tease, I love this girl.
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