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Luna Corazon

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February 13, 2018
A superb cards, ne of iStripper's best. Luna is a great beauty with a fantastic body and is trimmed rather than the all too common shaved. Her performance is also exceptionaly good varying effortlessly from mildly teasing to almost XXX, the only thing lacking is skilled pole usage.

The dress is nicely sexy being short but not too short and is worn over suitably sexy lingerie. though it would have been even better the lingerie had included a bra. As a minor point, I appreciated that the stockings were seamed, that the seams were straight and that the stockings were removed slowly. It made me feel young again.
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November 6, 2017
Distracting? Luna Cortana - vivacious, sensuous, engaging, entrancing, bewitching - ABSOLUTELY FREAKIN' GORGEOUS (thank you for that catchcry, Number6) PERFECTION. While I have chanted LUNAtic, it really should be LUNA-TICK. Any review of Luna will quickly find that ticks each and every one of those desirability boxes. So stunningly intoxicating, it is hard to imagine - without breaking out into cold sweat and screams of implacable terror - the thought that she may, one day, not be at iStripper! I would tear up at the thought, but that would disturb my transfixed stare at her show.
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November 7, 2017
Luna has a great smile, beautiful body, and nice moves. I should write, however, that I have expected more from her, first of all, more expression and better dancing. Sorry!
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