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Kate Shoo

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October 31, 2017
Kate is the right person for this original and well chosen outfit: it fits with her age and appearance of a more mature woman.

It makes her look like a Spanish or Latin American dancer - even the more so with that fantastic long black hair.

A solid show, but no special highlights. I miss the pole clips: that means a half star less.

In this show: Standing 8 clips, No Pole, Swing 3, on Taskbar 5 and behind Taskbar 2. Total 18 clips.

Starting nude, but with shoes on: clip 6, 9 and 15; without shoes clip 10 and 13.

In five Taskbar clips no shoes. In clip 2 Kate tells that she is from Ukraine.
Joined in Jul 2012

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February 12
Kate has a somewhat different beauty to most of the Czech girls we see here, but that only adds to the enjoyment that this card offers. The outfit is a little odd, but works well and Kate knows how to take it off slowly enough that we can savour all the stages involved in its removal. An excellent card.
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November 1, 2017
standing Ovation for Kate's presentation & performance in this card.

Faultless in all respects. Body, skin, movement, hair and expression.

Totally at ease and that vamp smile will linger with you long after

you turn off this show. Brilliantly crafted work & @Team effort.

Kate Shoo is truely an inspiring and very feminine artist. 5+^80
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