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November 17, 2017
Of all the models who made their debut in 2017 Kristina was the best in my opinion.

Not one other model could come near to her in performing skills except her friend Dianna.

Hors catégorie (HC) is the name of the most difficult climbings in the Tour de France like the Col du Tourmalet or the Col du Galibier.

Only the very best cyclists can win there. Kristina is like before Sapphira A and Valeria a model of this exceptional category.

Knowing Kristina from other sites, I have seen that her face is not very remarkable.

So again my compliments for the make-up lady of Totem, who made Kristina look so beautiful.

About the outfit: never there was a girl with this clothing in my class.

Of course Kristina had been welcome, but I would have said:

”Kristina, come next time without those stockings. Looks better”. And she would have done!

I like the top and the short skirt. Many upskirt views.

Without shoes and stockings two Behind TB clips (from start) and one On TB starting with and ending without shoes/stockings.

Total 20 clips: Standing 6, Pole 6, Swing 3, Behind TB 2 and On TB 3.

Starting nude: one standing, one pole, one swing and two table clips.

This was the last show of Take 2. Will there be a Take 3?

Being your teacher I have this advise: when you, Kristina, are not smiling or laughing, work on your facial expression!

When you prefer XXX, this not a show for you.
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January 11, 2018
Hmmm. Not explicit at all. Fairly modest. But wait. Are those the thighs of a professional dancer? Those moves are silky smooth. I think Kristina is a professional stripper. One that doesn't want nor need to do XXX. That's not her plan. I prefer less modesty though, but she has a high quality presentation so I say 5 stars.
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March 29
Cute, fit girl stripping on-screen. 5/5

[+] Has actual 'small tits'

[+] Slim, athletic figure

[+] Blonde

[+] Hustler micro-skirt 'schoolgirl' cosplay outfit

[+] Shaved

[-] Thong doesn't go with cosplay outfit choice, Lola Reve's - Highschool Dropout card & Marica Hase - Schoolgirl cards do cosplay better.. but they're pornstars, so maybe it's just experience. (-_-)
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