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November 10, 2017
I was glad seeing Kristina smiling and laughing again after her too serious look in the card e0838 and e0839.

I like this outfit of a teen girl. The shoes are part of this concept and I like her dancing with everything on.

I agree with the other commentaters in this way that the combination of only panties or nakedness

plus shoes was not the most sexy or aesthetic one.

This happened before in card Sabrisse/Risky Business, but Sabrisse made it work like Kristina now!

Probably shoefetishists are in heaven.

At second sight I liked this shoe show much more and it looks like Kristina feels comfortable with the shoes.

Like all her other shows also this one was of high quality. Kristina has got the skills.

In this show a total different choreography compared to her other shows.

That’s quite unique and it fits totally with the outfit!!! Congratulations Kristina and Totem-team.

This show consists of 19 clips divided in: Standing 6, Pole 7, Behind Taskbar 3 and On Taskbar 3.

Starting nude but with the little boots on: 11, 17 and 18.

Commenting this show with zero stars is blaming Kristina and Totem for the self-made mistake:

not viewing the preview and not reading the tags. There was no tag of Naked Feet, so don’t expect them.
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21 days ago
Love this pretty girl. Love the cute outfit. Kristina is not just simply sweet… she’s absolutely gorgeous. So nice to see a girl who oozes so much femininity.

Her slender, tender, slim, trim, tanned body is so beautiful. She has fabulous hair. Love her delicate chest puppies & her tight shapely butt. Love her beautiful hairless genital area & sexy cute little pussy. Awesome sight.

Performance wise, Kristina is poetry in motion… fluid, flexible, sensual, sexy, seductive, entertaining & dynamic. Her pole dancing is wonderful to see.

Few girls do it as well as Kristina. She’s a dream girl!!!! Excellent show.
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November 12, 2017
Shes took my breath away since the first card
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