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October 17, 2017
In the Take 2 series of shows (e837 and e838 until now) Kristina is no more the rough diamond of Take 1 (e803-e806).

The diamond is polished, Kristina less creative, less spontaneous, less laughing and looking less happy.

Is it that Kristina misses Dianna, both models inspiring each other and having lots of fun when they were together in Paris?

Are it rigid guidelines of the choreographic Totem team about how a show has to performed?

Is it the mood of Kristina having love sickness? We will never known.

Nevertheless this modest show is of high quality thanks to her skills, talent and her beautiful, perfect body.

The well chosen outfit suits her very well. It’s easy to move in. The belt was borrowed from Cara Mell and looks good.

I hope for a Take 3 but than together with Dianna for the right atmosphere and both models making more solo shows.

Summary: 3 clips on TB, 3 behind TB, Pole 7, Standing 5: Total 18.

Starting Nude (with shoes on): 10, 14, 16.
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November 12, 2017
I want her to be my friend.
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May 28, 2018
I just now got this card after it was marked down and I already had most of her others, namely the ones with her naked feet. She has much more freedom of movement when she's barefoot. However, these shoes did not weigh her down as much as I thought they would. I agree with a previous poster that she is a bit less energetic in this one than others, but she is one of few who could have these things going against her and still come out at 4 stars.
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