Carolina Abril show e0831 Linea Roja

Carolina Abril

Linea Roja

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High Heels
Porn Star

User comments (15)

kaydy avatar
Love the dance
ktab avatar
SHE'S BACK!!!!! That beaming, playful smile and manner. That vivacious, gorgeous, superb `presence'. Watching the show - it is not just a performance it is like being on the world's best-ever dream-date!!! Love/adore/pretty-well-worship Carolina!!!!!! Anyone who might declare that this is the type of date they can draw - should simply be locked up for the ultimate delusion! I guess there is a real-life person who might be able to say it - and I would love a DNA-transfusion from that incredibly lucky soul!!!
muttonjeff avatar
Deliciously sexy, as always. Full of fun and excitement this is a must buy for Carolina fans. I cannot get enough of this gorgeous woman. Encore.
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