Working It! by

Zoe Doll

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Joined in Jul 2012

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February 5, 2018
Zoes performance may not be very elegant it is very raunchy.

Coincidently I watched this show immediately after Marilyn's Flamingo Land which, for me, has the same problem with the choice of dress. I think it would have been much better if the dress had buttons, zips or other fastenings that could be slowly undone for a slow reveal which would be far more teasing.
Joined in May 2018

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December 9, 2018
A very solid and sexy card from a petite young woman that really wants us to watch her do her thing.
Joined in Aug 2013

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September 29, 2017
Great card - great (and sexy) model. I feel I would be much more expressive, if not coming `down' from the Marilyn smiling seductress high. This takes nothing away from Zoe - just that I started with my favourite. I am always eager to watch Zoe - although she is a touch miserly with that lovely smile. Sexy - certainly no lack there!
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