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Zoe Doll


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High Heels
Naked Feet
Porn Star
Tiny Tits

User comments (35)

Keepo avatar
Words cannot describe how perfect of a performance this is. Zoe has a picture perfect body and my god does she know how to use it with utter perfection. All her dancing is sexy. She shakes ass, she dances sensually, she even moves her hips energetically and combines all of those forms of dancing perfectly. This card is a MUST have!!! Everything she does is in perfect order and it's just timed so freaking perfectly. Not to mention, she is one hell of a sexy, natural looking beauty. I wouldn't lie about rating this card 9000 out of 5, part from the fact that I am only able to do a 5/5!!! Keep Zoe's cards coming, I can easily see her become a legend of iStripper.
kutta avatar
This is what I'm looking for. Thick hips with an hour glass figure, ink-less, lots of sexy dancing at a good pace, teasing and ass shaking. Along with variety in order of how she removes her clothing and her stockings stay on for most of the performance. The XXX clip is a huge bonus! This one is a keeper ladies and gents, can't wait to see more from this beauty
ktab avatar
A boisterous and unreserved welcome to the much anticipated Zoe Doll. Show details will not be found here - I am attracted to the actual models and as I can't dance or pose to save my life (nor, I promise, would you wish to see my attempts), I certainly feel very ill-equipped to provide judgement on those scores. But for pure eye-candy I am very pleased with what I am seeing. I can only beg for more!
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