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Sticky Situation

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High Heels
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MetalChefo avatar
This girl has a way of teasing the camera that's just mesmerizing. Often times you can tell the girls on IStripper are just running through the motions, like they're waiting for instructions or they're not that interested in teasing you. Izabella isn't one of those girls. She demands constant eye contact and she rewards you handsomely for it. That's not even mentioning her bombshell body, but Izabella's show has a lot more going for it than just eye candy. Absolute perfection, easily on the level of Niemira, Mila, Gloria and maybe even Melisa. If Izabella isn't part of your collection, you're doing it wrong.
gman12345 avatar
I love her smile and eyes, she also happens to be very hot, which is convenient since she's taking her clothes off and all. Very sexy..and a nice vacation from the parade of very beautiful clones we've had lately (not a complaint..really, but the girls have been very similar).
cdub87 avatar
Loving her breast and that clean kitty. Welcomed addition.
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