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September 5, 2017
This girl has a way of teasing the camera that's just mesmerizing. Often times you can tell the girls on IStripper are just running through the motions, like they're waiting for instructions or they're not that interested in teasing you. Izabella isn't one of those girls. She demands constant eye contact and she rewards you handsomely for it. That's not even mentioning her bombshell body, but Izabella's show has a lot more going for it than just eye candy.

Absolute perfection, easily on the level of Niemira, Mila, Gloria and maybe even Melisa. If Izabella isn't part of your collection, you're doing it wrong.
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December 27, 2017
Odd outfit, lovely woman...more, please
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October 12, 2018
OK, babes, let me make my position completely, absolutely, clear -- You are NOT going to just casually turn me into a hopeless, helpless, jerk off puppet, constantly worshiping your gorgeous bod (OMG, those gorgeous legs!) completely hypnotized and by your outrageous, seductive performance (I just can’t believe some of the moves and poses this gorgeous babe pulls!), and endlessly, uncontrollably, masturbating (Ya, looks like I’LL soon be doing a lot of “pulling” myself!)

“Let ME make MY “positions” perfectly clear, little mister!”, she laughs, as she struts, parades, and poses in that outrageous, dick stiffening, mind numbing, arm cramping outfit -- smiling and smirking the entire time -- as she spreads her gorgeous legs so nice and wide and slowly bends over -- totally nude, of course – “How about THIS “position”, baby? -- Or I’m sure this “position” will get your attention! (as she wraps a leg high up on the pole, flashing me a wide open twat shot) -- and here’s a “position” especially for you, perfect for a long rim job, isn’t it? (as she spreads her bueautifull ass cheeks nice and wide) -- and I know this “position” will get you rock hard, or maybe this one? -- and this is one of my favorites -- and you always “snap to attention” when I do this move -- and do you like this? All the other girls all say this one is a favorite, and …"

Ok, gorgeous, OK! Let me… make… my position… completely…absolutely… clear – you have… totally… hypnotized me… with your outrageous… seductive… performance… and turned me… into a hopeless… helpless… jerk off puppet… constantly worshiping… your gorgeous bod… and endlessly… uncontrollably… masturbating…

“I’m just SO glad you’re clear on what your “position” REALLY is, jerk boy, because you're going to be in that “position” for a long time to cum – a LONG time, baby…”, she whispers with a smug, taunting, wicked smile on her gorgeous face…
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