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Big Boobs
High Heels
Naked Feet

User comments (27)

bigbambino1 avatar
Wow... She's just perfect.
MetalChefo avatar
I honestly can't understand why Izabella is getting low ratings. She's easily on par with the likes of Gloria.
ktab avatar
What a Friday - a most gorgeous trio! I will leave all of the preference statements to each of the buyers. Judgements are neither right nor wrong - only specific to the individual. What I am watching ticks every top-shelf box. Apart from more-of-the-same, I can ask no more! When I watch this heavenly lady sway, cast her hypnotic yet playful eyes through the screen, unveil that impossibly-attractive body - I hear and feel my pounding heartbeat speed up. No heart attack, but a complete submission to the spectacular Izabella.
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