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Sheer sparkles

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  • Duration: 35 min.
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High Heels
Naked Feet
Tiny Tits

User comments (22)

zzmaskers avatar
Elegant, playful, original moves, a dancer. Some perfect splits as well. Beautiful and lively, spiritful.
EverthangForever avatar
Playlist rockstar of models !! Marilyn truely understands the chemistry of enchantment 5+^60. Doubt you can teach this.. Maybe for other models Production kick everyone out of studio & put the model's mirror/monitor directly below the camera lens.
ktab avatar
WOW - It is pretty well my standard opening with Marilyn's shows. Many would like details as to show details - I am just fixated on that stunningly-gorgeous Marilyn - oh and her heart-palpitating (for me) splits at the moment!!! Like a true addict I can only foresee 5-stars in my observing Marilyn. Gobsmakingly sensational!!! Please read show connoisseurs comments regarding show specifics. I am here to stare and try to remember to breathe!
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