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One Hot Summer

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Naked Feet
Tiny Tits

User comments (23)

Virtuabob avatar
I guess women dont want to be put on a pedestal but Kristina has it all for me. Graceful, sensual mover, sex appeal, beautiful toned figure, long golden hair, enchanting smile and a sparkle in her eyes that makes her adorable. Have Hollywood heard about her yet?
EverthangForever avatar
Kristina is attractive with a vibrant body. flawless skin & a well proportioned, good dancer. Kristina has great storytelling & imaginative repartee with the camera. Fun & sexy with just a touch of the Monika Benz style. Great 5+^50
ktab avatar
The usual dazzlingly meticulous showing by the intoxicating Kristina. While, in my opinion, not as engaging as the bubbly Carolina, a treat to the optics she most certainly is. The movements and activities would have her in gold medal contention, if iStripping became an Olympic sport! If you like the glass-cleaning scenes - and I do - she is, of course, brilliant (not much of a pun, sorry) there as well!
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