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August 17, 2017
Knowing Kristina from W4B, I knew we could expect a lot of her.

She didn’t disappoint. Kristina has the ideal slim figure and interesting face.

Her outfit is fantastic: a short dress tight across her body just till her long legs.

Then nice panties and elegant stilettos. The whole outfit makes her long and sexy.

A lot of enjoyment as her dress shoves up partly revealing her belle bottom.

Clip 8, 9 and 11 are great: just dancing on the stilettos.

Kristina is an experienced dancer: many graceful movements with lots of variety.

In clip 7 she makes a split while poledancing. Clip 3 (preview) is not topless but bottomless.

In clip 13 stripping of the shoes followed by a split, a speciality of Kristina.

Perfect stretching of legs in several clips! Her show is among the best one’s this year.

She is one of the better dancers and has enough tempo!

I would certainly choose Kristina as talent of the month september 2017

and I’m sure she will comeback for a second series of shows.
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January 9
Damn, Kristina! Dressed in that outfit -- tight black micro "dress", sexy black panties, ultra high heels -- and nothing else --it's VERY clear you'll be the "life of the party"!

Yep -- it's been years, and this super hot, teasing vixen is STILL working me over -- long... and ... hard... -- every chance she gets! No chance of escape or mercy, for at least ANOTHER year I suspect, since Kristina's made it VERY clear that she "loves to play with our nerves"!

"Oh, I'll make SURE of that, baby!", she laughs, with a hot, bitchy, taunting smirk! -- as she casually poses her gorgeous legs and waves her stunning ass -- right in my face!

Ya -- guess it's VERY clear I'll be spending at LEAST another year helplessly fantasizing over her flawless bod and hopelessly struggling to escape Ms. Kristina's maximum security jail for jerk offs!

"Good luck with that!", she giggles, with her penetrating, challenging, commanding gaze!

"Maybe I should bring in a few more "rehabilitation experts" just... to... make... sure...!" she whispers, laughing uncontrollably! Like Kami... and Cayenne... and Tracy... and Sabrisse... and Katya... and Karissa... and Avery... and Paulina... You remember THEM, don't you, baby? I'm SURE these girls JUST what you need for your "rehabilitation!"

OK, Kristina, OK! You've made your point, gorgeous! With guards like that there's no way I'll EVER escape your control -- or even... want... to... try...

"So glad you're going quietly, jerk boy -- it's just easier that way, isn't it? I'll see you again at your next "parole" hearing -- after the girls have given you another year of "rehabilitation!", she laughs, with a wicked, knowing smirk on her gorgeous face!

Sure, Kristina, sure! I'll be "looking forward to it" (!) -- after another year of their intensive "rehabilitation" (gulp!)!

Uh, any chance of a break, gorgeous? My left arm is getting SO tired!

"Of course, baby!", she whispers with her taunting smile, "you can use your... right... arm... for a while -- while we change your guard! Paulina? You're up, sister!"
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August 18, 2017
Those 4 Full nudity clips account for a third of the show /shrug

Kristina is a nice refreshing take, her dancing is definitely more artistic and refined. She has an amazingly tight body, very flexible. Sexy show lots of teasing, but if you're expecting heavy petting and staring at lady parts you'll be dissapointed.
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