I Won The Blue Ribbon by

Hilary C

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September 15, 2017
The Blue Riband/Blue Ribbon was a prize awarded for the fastest crossing of the Atlantic Ocean

by passenger liners and prior to that from Cordon Bleu, which referred to the blue ribbon worn

by a particular order of knights, The Order of the Knights of the Holy Spirit.

Of course the monks-knights were very happy for Hilary entering their order and gave her the price.

I like the blue nightdress Hilary is wearing with panties in the same colour.

The hairdresser and make-up/styling lady did a great job:

Hilary looks cute, lovely and younger than she is.

Clip 7 was for me the best: behind the desk Hilary dances, sings and comes near to ecstasy.

In clip 19 (standing) we see a little bit of that kind of dancing,

but in the standing clips there should have been at least one clip

with Hilary going totally out of the roof.

Her pole clips were both aesthetic and entertaining.

Like all the others shows of her I really enjoyed also this one.

I hope Hilary comes back for a second series of shows.
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September 15, 2017
Playful, sensual and imaginative is her style in this card.

And luckily for me, her panties frequently leave first or are missing all together!
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October 26, 2017
She's astounding Fav Card
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