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High Heels
Tiny Tits

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zzmaskers avatar
Dear Hillary, as a student in my class I will give you many A’s. An A for your beauty, an A for your lovelyness, an A for your clothing, an A for your performance, an A for your naughtiness (pulling your panties down underneath your skirt). For your skills on the pole you have to practise more for getting the A. Practise also on making an effortless whole split. As my reward for your show I give you not only the five stars, but also a firm slim on your sweet butt.
muburuca avatar
OMG ! ! ! There aren't many cards that I would give 6/5 buth this is one of the best card EVER, a must for every red blooded guy !
ktab avatar
I like the school theme - I certainly will spend a great deal of time studying the ever beautiful Hilary C. There are so many lovely models - show-wise - on offer. Hilary, to me, is in a very small band of those most elite - reducing old men like me into drooling messes (which is, admittedly, a short walk from where I am normally). Gorgeous - to die for (not hoping I will, but can think of worse ways)!
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