Leila Mazz show e0796 Pool Party

Leila Mazz

Pool Party

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Naked Feet

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ktab avatar
@idolomba - If you have to ask, the answer for you is clearly `no'. Writing as a former psychology student (a long time ago), I can advise that there is no set pattern for what people find sexy. Some shoe-wearing, some bare feet. There is a whole range of aspects with appeal to a whole range of views. There is no fixed `programming'. No one set of opinions and tastes. I am sorry if this appears to be patronizing. Your question may well be be rhetoric - and of course you should not be ridiculed for a certain stand - nor should others. The only indisputable answer is that iStripper includes the `glass' scenes, because they have appeal to some members - myself included. We are viewing an adult site - an aspect many non-adult-site-viewing people might find unsexy in itself - even consider such practice as `abnormal'. Yet, you and I are both here. You are free to cater for your own interests - all you need to respect now, is that others can cater for theirs. Reasonable?
Virtuabob avatar
Still beautiful and a favourite of mine love her face and the rest is pretty good too ;o)
EverthangForever avatar
Leila is flexible enough & good dancer, however her stage persona is a little aloof & rushed and like the USA models she hardly ever glances at her hands in order to direct your eyes to what is happening there. Great card worth getting nevertheless. 5+^20
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