Reckless by

Sade Mare

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Joined in Mar 2016

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November 1, 2018
Nice work here Totem, or whoever thought of this outfit.

Fit’s Sade Mare tight, small body very nicely.

Hair style is Sade ones, nice, simple, natural

I like the little frills to her hair

Head to toe.

• Nice, discreet makeup

• She does have beautiful eyes

• Color of the nails to fit the lipstick?

• Maybe… Discreet, nice.

• What a nice, brilliant red top

• I like everything about this top

• Arms, shoulders, style, color, open neck

• What a nice view of the lady’s breast

• Nice, deliberately damaged jeans jacket

• Did you saw the embroidery on the back of if?

• I like the open sleeves that let’s us see the red of the top sleeves

• The jeans short that goes up to the navel

• The buttons on the front, you can’t miss them

• Nice little ass in there, long legs…

• Top, Jacket & Short are of a nice mixt, perfect

• Then the heels complete the set

• Nice style, get’s the red from the top

• Red undies are of no surprise and they are perfect

• Any other color would have been wrong

A discreet show, to the style of the lady.

For “petite” lovers.

Sade Mare in Reckless.

Five stars.
Joined in Sep 2016

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August 9, 2017
Hot as fuck, but as soon as the clothes come off there's literally no other color that you'll swear she's stuck in sepia tone. Brown hair, brown eyes, tanish brown makeup, tanish brown nipples. I had to turn on some old timey music to not get weirded out.

Anyways she's got a pretty smile, could wear bdsm gear with jumper cables attached to her nipples and still manage to look classy.
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August 9, 2017
She looks to me like a runway-model version of a young Sigourney Weaver. Me likey.
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