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June 23, 2017
I don't usually enjoy these fitness / workout outfit shows but this one is far above every single one of those for me.
Joined in Jan 2016

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June 28, 2017
I actually had to check out the preview to make sure she was wearing trainers. I wouldn't put it past iStripper to put heels on a girl in a jogging card....yes they are exactly that stupid. I've seen cards with high heels on a cop, a nurse, a soldier, beach girl, airline pilot, and a muthafukin clown! Thankfully this card is the way nature meant humans to be....running, jogging, walking, dancing, and standing....on flat feet.
Joined in Oct 2014

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July 6, 2017
Katrina really "rocks" this outfit! This show displays her athleticism and flexibility. Some have said she's skinny but she's just athletic, similiar to Katya Clover. You can really tell she works out!
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