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May 6, 2017
I avoided this girl for the longest time. I figured she just wasn't my bodytype and I am not a massive lover of blondes. However, I read a few reviews and she seemed okay, but it was this outfit that finally won me over, and I am so glad it did. She is a beautiful girl who is incredibly sexy too. I have far too many performances by beautiful women that just don't have any sexiness/allure to them. Karissa is full of personality too and she draws you in superbly.

Bottom line - I love this show and the girl, who is not my usual type. I shall be buying her other shows. I am glad I downloaded, you will be too!
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July 29, 2018
Yes … amazing beauty, & I’m just talking about Karissa’s gorgeous looking pussy & attractive genital area. She is a ‘trophy babe’, without a doubt. She’s absolutely gorgeous, & top marks for her beautiful outfit. Love the matching shoes & sexy shorts!

Although this is not an xxx performance, it sure is a sexually arousing one that few babes can pull off. There is something magical about Karissa. She’s an absolute delight to watch as she proudly displays her beauty. Her little breasts are extremely cute & sexy. Let’s face it, everything about Karissa is cute & sexy. I’m very impressed.

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December 3, 2017
Ms Karissa . . . you are and AMAZING BEAUTY, indeed!
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