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March 10, 2017
When a show has the same title as a nobelprice winning novel,

then that show must be of a certain quality.

In Beloved beautiful Karissa wears a partylike top and skirt,

which make together with the high heels a great outfit.

I love the glittering of it, which adds to the enjoyment.

Avoiding the welts left by the shoelaces Cara Mell had in Cozy Relationship,

I understand the choice being made for a 100% shoes on show.

The performance of Karissa is according to the standards set by Totem.

No sidelooks for guidance during the show. She knows what to do.

And no rubbing/touching, so Karissa had to postpone her own satisfaction!
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March 10, 2017
Nice girl! Love the outfit! Pretty sparkles :D
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May 13, 2018
Karissa is just SO super hot and an outragious tease! By the time she's done with me, ALL I can think about -- for days... and days... -- is her SO casually, striking a nice, wide, stance with her gorgeous legs, swaying back and forth, spreading her fabulous little ass so nicely, rocking back and forth, slowly, lowering, herself, sitting... on... my... face... facing forwards then backwards, then forwards again, , moaning, laughing, and taunting me, as I kiss... lick... and deep tounge... her sweet little pussy and her tight little asshole -- for hours... and hours... and hours...
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