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February 27, 2017
Karissa (Diamond) has done a whole lot of softcore porno at several sites.

She is an experienced model and you see that immediately in her professional attitude.

I’m very glad she’s now among us at iStripper. Welcome, Karissa.

Karissa is selfconfident and has a smart look. I like her face and body.

When she’s out of her swimsuit, you see her well formed butt.

In the standing clips she moves well and originally: clip 11 is fantastic!!!

Her adventures with the pole are entertaining, though not breathtaking.

I liked her behind taskbar clips: very special are the beginnings of clip 7 and 14.

I have never been a big fan of the On taskbar clips, but Karissa knew to seduce me.

In this show there is more than enough real full nudity.

No doubt about the five stars!!!
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September 17
Karissa, I guess you can be as "willful" as you want, babes! In that incredible, dick stiffening outfit -- painted onto your gorgeous, tight body? Babes, I can see there's NO point in even trying to resist! Standing so tall and proud on those six inch stilettos, striking SO many bent over, spread wide poses, deliciously gorgeous legs spread nice and wide, your fabulous ass wiggling back and forth, right in my face, pussy on full display, in so many shocking, seductive positions, that teasing smirk on your beautiful face, and your intense, cool, bitchy, challenging glances, lifting a long, gorgeous leg high up on the pole, bending over in a 90 degree split, smooth, muscular thighs, leading up to your generous, firm ass cheeks, spread wide for a stunning ass and twat shot!

"Like what you see, baby?" she laughs, with a confident, taunting, bitchy smirk, “ as she solidly, completely, locks eyes with me, humiliating, intimidating and thoroughly, dominating me! “When I’m done with you, jerk baby, you won't even REMEMBER a time when your dick wasn't permanently locked in a stiff, achingly rigid, painfully horizontal, solid steel erection, and your hand wasn't maddeningly, firmly, and permanently, attached to that completely rigid dick! I’m going to turn you into a mindless… masturbation… machine, baby! – absolutely… completely… and… PERMANENTLY! Guess you’re really squirming now, aren’t you, baby?"

Uh, well, sure, Karissa -- "willful" doesn't even BEGIN to describe the shocking, completely maddening power you have over me, gorgeous... and I can see you’ve only just BEGUN my training -- and torment! Yep, great job, girl (I just can’t BELIEVE what she’s done to me!), impressive control (I don’t think I’ll EVER get loose!), stunning results (she SURE knows her moves!), fabulous performance (she’s SURE got ME “performing” - uncontrollably!), well done, gorgeous (gulp!) – ya, REALLY… well…done… (ha!) -- as it just BEGINS to dawn on me what she’s done… what’s happened… what I’ll be in for… and what I’ll be spending ALL my time doing from now on…
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February 28, 2017
Karissa is absolutely stunning, knows how to move, and has a sense of humour... You just can't go wrong with her it seems.

Buy this card - you won't regret it.
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