Limitless by

Dillion Harper

 4.39 (170 votes)

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Joined in Mar 2017

77 comment(s)
June 12, 2017
Dillion's got a nice body, and I suppose she's technically proficient (at least in my admittedly-ignorant view). She'd probably even be pretty if not for that hair cut. For some reason, though, her hair style really detracts from her attractiveness for me. It's a decent card, but if I hadn't gotten it on special I wouldn't have purchased it on its own.
Joined in Jun 2014

195 comment(s)
September 30, 2017
Dance moves: 3/3

Explicitness: 1/3

Viewer interaction: 3/3

Clothes: 2/3

Shoes: 3/3

Girl: 4/5

Body: 5/5

Pro pole moves? no

Spreading? no

Too much bare feet? no

Tattoos? didn't see any
Joined in Oct 2007

758 comment(s)
September 20, 2017
Oh man! Dillion is sooooo HOT!!! Absolutely stunning in every way!!!!
Joined in Jun 2013

62 comment(s)
August 15, 2017
Best outfit she has had yet! I love Dillion Harper as a Star, being the talented actress she is. Having this show just makes me happier! God those perfect breasts are always so breathtaking... Please grace me with a XXX..!
Joined in Jun 2012

82 comment(s)
March 15, 2017
I have all of her other cards. DO NOT BUY THIS ONE, buy one or all of the others, this one is worthless, she is akward, boring, uninspired, the other cards are fine, even good. Skip this one.
Joined in May 2008

4 comment(s)
November 26, 2017
Wow she is top notch! I read most of the othe comments the negative ones probably come from people that prefer plastic. She reminds me of the Star that plays Calle on the Fosters. I bet she's absolutly Delicious.
Joined in Sep 2014

1909 comment(s)
August 13, 2018
I'm pretty sure Dillion's beauty and Sex appeal are Limitless!
Joined in Jun 2015

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July 23, 2017
Grade C- (Potential). 6.5/10.0. Dillino has a nice chest, butt, face. Body Slightly Thick, but attractive. Decent but not Great Card.
Joined in Oct 2007

236 comment(s)
March 15, 2017
Love the shorts and the tank top. She jiggles in all the right places too.
Joined in Dec 2016

25 comment(s)
March 19, 2017
I wish that Dillion Harper was my girlfriend

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