Lustful Evening by

Cara Mell

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April 16
Cara! Cara! Cara!

Babes you are just SO incredibly, stylishly hot, amazingly, exceptionally sexy, and an unbelievably classy, confident, unnervingly cool, dick destroying, tease!

The way your lovely, long auburn hair waves across your exquisitely beautiful face, those coy, challanging, teasing glances, your astonishingly gorgeous legs, so shapely and toned, smooth, and silky, showcased so well in those silky black stockings, your exceptionally lovely, generous breasts, so mouthwatering, your tight, sweet, little pussy, with that nicely trimmed, stylish, landing strip, and a fabulous ass that just defies description!

THEN you begin your outlandishly sexy, perfectly timed, intensely effective moves, mind blowing, totally devastating positions, and those excellent, outrageously riveting, poses, bringing me to my knees in a matter of seconds with your shameless spreads, completely arresting bend overs, and your subtle, elegant, swaying, and ass wiggling, parading and strutting your way across the stage -- planting yourself securely... and... permanently... into my very being!

And by the time your done with me, gorgeous? Running me through each... and... every... one... of your overwhelmingly hypnotic, impossibly addictive performances? I suspect I'll find myself nicely fixed and securely set -- shocked and stunned, facing the embarrassing, inevitable, unavoidable, and totally electrifing fact that you now own me completely! Eyes locked onto your every maddeningly seductive pose, permanently, painfully, strainingly erect, instantly transformed into a fully automated, continuous masturbation machine, with my left arm uncontrolably, unwillingly, busier than I... ever... thought... possible!

"Oh no, baby!", she whispers with a taunting laugh, standing tall and elegant, completely nude, lovely legs spread wide, hands on her hips, tossing her hair back, with a bitchy, teasing, laughing smirk on her stunningly beautiful face! "By the time I'm through with you, jerk boy? You'll be my perfectly trained, completely submissive, eagerly worshiping, jerk off machine, helplessly, permanently, continuously, pumping -- with your left -- AND... your... right arms, busier... than... you... EVER... thought... possible -- I'll make SURE of that..."
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March 24, 2017
Super show of Cara Mell. Of the four non-xxx shows her best!!!

A lot of variety in the clips with her garment.

A solid pace makes for a spicy show.

Great personality!! What a gorgeous ass and strong thighs.

I would n't be surprised for a comeback of Cara Mell for another series of shows.
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March 24, 2017
Card number 666 gives lust a whole new meaning! Sinister is the lust! Insidious is the evening! Worthy we are not of the merciless beauty! @_@
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