Raspberry juice by

Kimmy Granger

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December 16, 2016
Raspberry juice is very healthy containing lots of vitamin C and anti-oxydants.

So is the show of Kimmy with its high dose of lust-promoting ingredients.

A very sexy outfit and Kimmy as gorgeous as in the other shows.
Joined in Mar 2012

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December 20, 2016
she is rocking that skirt, super sexy girl.
Joined in Apr 2008

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September 19, 2017
Uh, ya, Kimmy, SO glad to know you "get to have great sex with hot guys and sexy chicks as often as you want". Guess I'll be thinking all about that as I find myself -- once again -- totally seduced, completely mastered, and compulsively masterbating, as you prance and pose in that short, short skirt, showing off SO nicely your long, lovely legs and your gorgeous ass...
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