Elegant Evening by

Tasha Reign

 3.54 (179 votes)

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Joined in Oct 2015

27 comment(s)
October 11, 2016
wwwooooooooooo wonderful
Joined in Apr 2011

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November 5, 2016
I love the dress in this card she so sexy in it. Tasha Reign you are one sexy girl. Over all I rate this card at 4.5 Stars.
Joined in Sep 2016

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October 18, 2016
She gets a lot of points for her all natural body and not being another super-skinny girl here, but loses quite a bit on her semi-competent performance and how she always strips the clothes off in the exact same order, and usually the same way too. The panties aren't a great find, but the way she almost spills out of the bra is nice.
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