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Darcie Dolce

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January 9, 2017
Darcie Dolce: Deep Webb

Review: Darcie is a world-class beauty. The show is fast paced, as she is always attempting to keep you entertained with different dance moves.

Her table clips are actually really good, and she is second to none on a table, in fact I normally hate table scenes but I love hers. She is creative, flexible, and stunning. Shoes made it hard for her to move when standing. I am really curious how she moves without shoes.

3.5/5 (Very Good Card)

BEAUTY:(4.8/5): There are few girls on the site that match Darcies combination of great beauty and stunning body. Gorgeous smile, large natural breasts, and a skinny and fairly fit body. She is a professional starlet. If you buy for beauty this one is automatic.

DANCING ABILITY: (3.3/5): Best Clips (15, 17, 18) Darcie is still learning how to dance with heels in an exotic setting. She is not clumsy but I would say she is reserved and focused on her dancing. It is not natural to her. Now she has great potential because of her figure and flexibility and with experience will be tremendous. Clip 16 as a pole clip was interesting as she chained together a spin, a lean back all the way to the ground and then turned that into a doggy pose. Not completely fluid but still I respect her for trying and executing to the point where it was sexy.

Her standing clips are static because her shoes make her fairly immobile. It was one of the rare times I wish totem removed shoes. A couple times she looked like she was going to twerk but then aborted the mission.

Table clip 15 shows her at her finest, even with shoes, multiple front on missionary splits, and some actual mastubation. Once again the shoes got in her way because I know she is elite when it comes to the table.

Dancing Tags: Lean backs, Pole Side Squat, Missionary front splits, Missionary side splits, Table Face down doggy, Slap Butt, Slap Boobs, Pole non-acrobatic spin, Table Pelvic Thrusts, Pole doggy, standing butt shake.

2. Does the card create an immersive and realistic experience for the viewer? (Teasing Ability, Card progression, Smiling, Eye Contact, Personality)

CARD PERSONALITY: (3.0/5): You have to imagine she is the world's hottest DJ,

learning how to strip, and you are one of her first clients. Her eyes drift off early in the card and at times it looks like she is processing the dance moves and not teasing the viewer. I will say that her last couple of clips have very good eye contact and personality, a 180 degree flip from her early clips. And I prefer this to the other way around. She seems to get into you as the viewer as the show comes to its conclusion. Combine this with the fact that she looks sweaty in some scenes and it really feels like she is working hard for you.

TEASING: (3.0/5) Her show gets much more explicit in the last 5 cards, so there is a progression from non-nude, to nude, to explicit. She doesn’t use her clothes much to tease, but occasionally she will remove and then pull up her panties. I think her
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November 13, 2016
Darcie Dolce is one hot tamale! Love the outfit hugging those sexy curves.
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November 15, 2016
She's got a really nice big breasts, but I have to mark her down for this... she has two items of clothing, and she never even thinks about varying how to strip them. In short, the best part about this show is her breasts. And I guess if you like tan-lines.
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