Plaything by

Lucy Doll

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Joined in Apr 2017

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17 days ago
I've had this one awhile but just now downloaded and played it. Hot body, good moves, as many have already said. Brunettes rock in my book. Half a star dedeucted for not losing shoes.
Joined in Oct 2016

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November 21, 2016
There's something wonderfully unstudied, almost amateur about her performances. It's like she's the girl next door who has seen a movie about stripping and is just playing around with the idea. The playfullness is totally charming and infectious. Can't get enough of this girl.
Joined in Mar 2009

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December 17, 2017
Pretty with a big bright smile. The word playful has been used to describe this show and I would agree that's appropiate. I will admit to expecting more from an experianced film actress. so far this is the only card of hers I have. Not special, but not bad either.
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