Evening Swim by

Ivana Sugar

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September 12, 2016
Best comment Standing ovation to artist & Team.

A true work of Art this card.

Beautifully paced Ivana exquisitly naked owns the camera.

Gorgeous erotic storytelling and a Paris masterpiece ! 5+++++++
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January 7
I"ve had this card for a long time. It just now came up randomly and I realized I'd never commented on it. She's a big turn on for me, despite her small boobies. Her ass amost makes that up! Then she has that dark, trimmed bush. Very glad she does not shave! There there are those long tan legs and feet and those painted toenails! I've long had a fantasy of her giving my cock a foot job. Oh, the volcanic eruption!
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June 19, 2017
Babes, with your stunning bod in that thong bikini, the way you sway, spread, strip and pose, and smile, pout, and tease, you sure win the swimsuit competition for me -- the "trophy" is firm, rigid, solid bronze, but damn, I had no idea I'd have to be "polishing" it SO much -- again... and again...and again...
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