Stunning Babe by

Emma Brown

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August 25, 2016
I totally agree with Starryk and the other commantors about the superb dancing of Emma Brown in the standing clips.

Clips e0493_38912404 and e0493_14336407 are fantastic in the ecstatic way of dancing.

Those are already worth buying this card.

And then there is also the cherry on the tart in the taskbar clips.

Emma reminds me of Dayzee in Capri Sun, another favourit show of me. Should be made in 3K.

And Capri Sun is like Capri Sonne: a famous cycle equipe in the 80's.
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July 25, 2016
Girl Next door kinda cutie with a nice booty.
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March 26
Another engergetic wonder by this full figured Russian beauty. I've downloaded several Russians during this weekend special. I notice that a lot of them are toward what we would call plus size, Emma included, but they are still very attractive. Apparently they are not as obsessed as Americans with the slender look. Here's hoping that they stay that way. If it ain't broke don't fix it.
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