Miss Fortune by

Nathaly Cherie

 4.52 (220 votes)

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Joined in Oct 2009

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July 19, 2016
What a very beautiful woman Nathaly is.

A superb face & a body practiced in the art of elegant unrushed undress. Natural pleasure expression & her gorgeous lips captivating in warm smiles throughout. Pure bliss.!

I did not find the tatoo placement distracting at all, in fact Nataly's floor work here is so good it convinced me to buy Tongue Tied as well.

Joined in Aug 2008

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March 31, 2018
Nathaly is deceptively sexy, without a doubt. She's certainly another iStripper model whose pictures do not do her any favors.

She has a modestly plump ass, good legs, and a pussy to die for, but it's her beautiful facial features, seductive expressions, and flowing moves that save this card for me.

Save it from what? Well, personally, I'm not a huge fan of her breasts; they sag and flatten themselves to the point just beyond what I'm normally attracted to and while her nipples themselves are cute, the disproportionate areola turn me off in a way I found it difficult to ignore. On the bright side, her breasts look phenomenal in that bra!

Overall, she's a well-above average dancer and this is a better card than I expected. 7/10 from me, and I expect not to avoid her in the future.
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August 12, 2018
She is so cute. Love the white dress and the animal pring bra set. The dress is ideal on her curvy; but delightful figure. Curvy isn't my "ideal" but this doesn't mean a curvy woman can't be aweesome to be with or look at. Nathaly is one of this ladies. Blush. I'm not a fan of real big breasts but hers....blush...are just the right size for breast....blush....sex. I do adore her nipples.
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