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Intensely Erotic

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Big Boobs
High Heels
Naked Feet

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bobfuk45 avatar
Gloria you naughty, sexy,, i want to fuck every inch of your perfect body and cum all over it! keep that ass working girl!!!!
drtacp avatar
First: I am thoroughly miffed that comments beyond page 1 are inaccessible. Second: This babe is above average in EVERY way. Breast size. Areola size and areola color. Physique. Eroticism. Vulva fluff. I truly GET that his babe has the absolute highest rating on VGHD. If you download this card and are not finding her the most desirous woman in the world at that moment...I pity you.
WayneStewart avatar
This is the best looking bigger breasted woman I've ever seen. I am a guy who usually likes a smaller chest. On this pettite woman her breasts seem to fit her perfectly. I love their shape and her larger nipple. Besides her breasts, I love her shape, and her wonderful rearend.What is even better than her looks is her Aura. What makes this woman special is the way she makes you feel when it appears as she is looking at you.
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