Little Flirt by

Randy Ayn

 4.46 (230 votes)

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Joined in Jun 2014

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February 22, 2017
Dance moves: 2/3

Explicitness: 2/3

Viewer interaction: 1/3

Clothes: 2/3

Shoes: 3/3

Girl: 5/5

Body: 3/5

Pro pole moves? no

Spreading? no

Shoes stay on? never! Her other card "Objectively Hot" at least had 1 heels clip to prevent it from being completely ruined, but this one doesn't even have one. I'm giving it 3,5 out of courtesy to Randy because I like her dancing and looks but I'm deleting this card and will stick with Objectively Hot. Maybe I will risk it and buy Business Affair once I view all my new cards (if you have that one and it's the same as this, please PM me so I don't waste any credits on it)

Tattoos? none
Joined in Oct 2010

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January 28, 2018
This is a good card. She is a good model. She seems a little nervous but is better than her card Lacey Dream. Girls should not have to stop dancing in order to remove shoes or whatever. An advantage that barefoot dancers have is that panties dont get snagged on barefeet on their way down. Also, girls should never have to bend down to pick something up off the floor. Whose maiden aunt is doing the directing here these days. Just teach the girls how to do it and then let them alone. Randy is a beautiful girl. Nobody should be off stage interfering.
Joined in Apr 2016

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August 31, 2018
Randy Ayn is not only one of my Top 10 Favorite performers on iStripper, but this show in particular is one of my favorites of all time. She does an excellent job of teasing and flirting! Methodical and beautifully executed eroticism!

I highly recommend this show! Such a scruptious girl!
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