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January 28, 2017
So, she does one pantyless upskirt table clip, and one failed standing clip (failed in the sense that she doesn't take advantage of it, and then she rmeoves the dress and you realize too late for it to have any actual teasing effect), other than that she performs two complete striptease shows (as in, for table, standing, and pole), one show goes like this: she shows top first, then takes of the dres after it's been bunched around her hips for a while, and then she takes of panties. This show is divided into their own clips.

The second show is with her first pulling the dress up to her armpits, and then taking it off and then taking off her panties.

These are the two shows you get, with their variations for table, standing and pole -- along with some minor extra clips (pantyless table, failed pantyless edge-of-screen show).

I'd love to give her 5 stars for just doing the pantyless shot, but honestly, the predictability of the show got real old.
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August 30, 2018
Dakota is an absolutely gorgeous spinner! Her yummy little body and erotic sexy moves will get your fires burning! Her sexy eye contact and subtle but erotic moves are 2nd to none!

Dakota may not have many shows, but you should get every one of them while you can, to supply your new addiction! She looks good enough to eat in this outfit too! A real stunning, natural woman!
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May 18, 2016
Dakota's best card imho !!

This blue dress (and nice shoes) totally immensely fits her. Dunno what it takes to, transcendent blue shade of color that particularly makes it on the video or the shape of the dress that religiously suits Dakota's anatomy ? Probably both. Anyway what a turn on (!)

Post-prod flawless card (take advantage of it !).


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