Bundle Of Joy by

Valentina Nappi

 4.28 (493 votes)

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Joined in Mar 2008

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January 20, 2016
Not the norm for body type on this site, but definitely my type! Totem are really starting to make me very happy with the model choices of late. More curvier models mean more smiles as far as I am concerned. Awesome!
Joined in Nov 2007

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November 7
She really IS a bundle of joy! Very charming, and a body that is frightingly close to perfect.
Joined in Apr 2011

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January 21, 2016
WEll what a girl. A Great body, good show. We need to see her in a dress. So we can see those sexy legs . Over all I rate this card 9.5/10 for me. Valentina Nappi you are Beautiful giri. thanks for the show.
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