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Joined in Jan 2016

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February 7, 2016
Lovely lady, a perfect 10! Love the white stockings and the little wite G-string panties. Once she removed the panties she has me hooked, being a guy my thoughts tutn to how to get me some of that. A very lovely Girl and still one of my favorites!
Joined in Oct 2009

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January 23, 2016
A good methodical dance effort by Sarika, although her facial expression

remains a little too fixed, and her eyes distracted or light-shy to be sexy for me.

Nice to see models featuring their legs more. Rolling down & stretching of

stockings like this during floor work makes for interesting shows. 9.

Joined in Jan 2016

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July 18, 2016
One of the most beautiful in the world 10++++
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