Enchantress by

Ariana Marie

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Joined in Mar 2012

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July 13, 2016
Sweet Girl, sexy stocking, high heels. dark hairl with the Black lingerie goes perfectly in sync, i love her.
Joined in Dec 2012

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June 6, 2017
What an incredible performance! What incredible beauty! What a great sexy outfit! What a body! What a figure! This performance by the extremely attractive Ariana is the ultimate card to enjoy. Ariana is a vision of beauty and splendour. She has been blessed with superb genes... perfect in every way.

Ariana oozes class and style in this show. She moves elegantly and sensually, and she posseses the 'X-Factor' of eroticism. She is an absolute pleaseure to watch as she goes through what is one of the most beautiful routines. EXCELLENT!!!!!!
Joined in Jun 2012

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January 20, 2016
I don't remember her being so skinny. Doesn't look good, especially with the shape of her face. Her ass looks ridiculously tiny.
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