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June 3, 2017
I am a person that rates girls low if they deserve it. I base my rating off of how many clips I keep in my favorite play list. If I keep 90-100 % of clips then I rate it a 5/5. If I keep 4/20 then I rate a 1/5. I kept every single IZZY clip from this card. Card contains

1. See Thru panties

2. Trim so see through panties are awesome

3. Upskirt

4. Ass shaking

5. Twerking

6. Ass slapping

7. Pussy rubbing doggy

8. Nipple teasing

9. Beautiful smiling

This is a perfect example of a girl who is not a professional performer but who understands how to entertain, she moves quickly and is continually attempting to entice the viewer. She never stops. Makes this one of the best cards in my collection.
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December 21, 2015
With this devil I'd like to spend some time in purgatory and later (card e284 Angelic) in heaven. A interesting oufit. The mask only in one clip. A lot of highheel dancing on the special red shoes. Izzy is a great performer with a beautiful body.
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October 15, 2016
Things I like:
  • the energetic dancing style
  • good eye contact and lots of smiles
  • for some reason I don't usually like red outfits, which is probably why I didn't buy this card until now. But this one is super sexy. I love the way Izzy shows her goods without stripping off the dress. This outfit is made for upskirts and there's lots of them. The clips where she lowers her dress around her waist and turns it into a micro skirt are the sexiest of the show.
  • trimmed pussy. I'm getting bored of all the shaved ones.

Things I don't like:
  • there's only one but for me it's big. There's a disbalance between the barefoot clips and the ones where she keeps her shoes on. Basically all the taskbar clips are barefoot and all the rest aren't. It's lead me to the unique situation where I have all the taskbar clips turned off and all the others turned on. And I like taskbar clips, that's why I'm taking off half a star.
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