Friendly Neighbor by

Elen Moore

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Joined in Mar 2011

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October 30, 2015
I don't regret to have bought also the sixth card of this pretty young woman. Lovely girl, lovely outfit, lovely show of this friendly neighbour.
Joined in Sep 2013

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April 29
I'm starting to really like this model.

At least for me, there are models when I purchase one or two of their cards I believe I'll get them all (or most). But after time I loose interest in the model. Then there is a few models where I purchase a card and wonder why I purchased it. Later,after reviewing the card and focusing on the model; I realize why I liked the model. Many times I end up purchasing more of their cards than a model I was immediately liked. Ellen Moore is one of these models. I'm finding myself playing the card I first purchased. I was finding myself selecting the first card I purchased more often. I'm now glad I purchased this first card and now this one.

She is a very beatuiful woman with bright blue eys and wonderful breasts. A bonus is her dimples and long red hair. The best thing about her, isn't her looks or the way she dances; but is how she makes you feel. Another poster mentioned she's like a girlfriend who takes off her clothes for you. To me this is very erotic. I'd love a young woman like this to want to take her clothes off for me.

She is an example of why I enjoy Istripper. The variety of women on this site is spectacular. I'm so glad there are a variety of natural looking women. This variety is the reason I keep purchasing cards. I'm really not a fan of the Hollywood nightmare.
Joined in May 2008

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October 1, 2018
Not a pro, which I like. Elen is like watching a friend's girlfriend get naked for you.
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